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Saturday, 22 January 2011

First trip of 2011

Hi readers,
We're back in action(again)!

Today some of us went on our first ever 2011 fishing trip, and it wasn't that bad.

Mat and Alas started fishing at our usual spot around 3.30pm and I joined up with them a little bit later around 5pm. I started casting my new lure and got nothing for about an hour.
The same goes for Alas and Mat.

But we had a backup plan, we bought a few live prawns just incase this happens..
and guess what?

Nothing too!

There wasn't much activity at our location as the whole area was kinda depleted,
so we decided to change our location around 6.30pm.
Mat had to go and so, only Alas and I continued our little expedition.

We decided to give our childhood location a chance and where would that be?..

The Jetty!

It was a great improvement compared to L7, there were plenty of nibbles and bites..

and in the end, biasalah..

A new scoreline has emerged for 2011,

Chean 1 - Matius 0 - Alas - 0

Here's my catch of the day,

Better than nothing kan? XD

Name: Chean
Catch: Catfish
Weight: ~ 150 grams
Bait: Live prawn
Location: Jetty

Catch and released.

That's it for our first trip and stay tuned for our scoreline update next time!

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Sorry for not updating after so long as its the holiday season and most of our crew were on vacation.

Anyway our crew just wanna wish everyone out there a very happy new year.
May the year 2011 bring joy and happiness to everyone and more fishes =D

Will update soon again. (I hope so) XD!