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Friday 4 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Our crew wishes all our friends and visitors,

Happy Chinese New Year!

May the year of the rabbit brings us all good luck in life and in fishing as well.

Enjoy the foods, sales and festivity!

Saturday 22 January 2011

First trip of 2011

Hi readers,
We're back in action(again)!

Today some of us went on our first ever 2011 fishing trip, and it wasn't that bad.

Mat and Alas started fishing at our usual spot around 3.30pm and I joined up with them a little bit later around 5pm. I started casting my new lure and got nothing for about an hour.
The same goes for Alas and Mat.

But we had a backup plan, we bought a few live prawns just incase this happens..
and guess what?

Nothing too!

There wasn't much activity at our location as the whole area was kinda depleted,
so we decided to change our location around 6.30pm.
Mat had to go and so, only Alas and I continued our little expedition.

We decided to give our childhood location a chance and where would that be?..

The Jetty!

It was a great improvement compared to L7, there were plenty of nibbles and bites..

and in the end, biasalah..

A new scoreline has emerged for 2011,

Chean 1 - Matius 0 - Alas - 0

Here's my catch of the day,

Better than nothing kan? XD

Name: Chean
Catch: Catfish
Weight: ~ 150 grams
Bait: Live prawn
Location: Jetty

Catch and released.

That's it for our first trip and stay tuned for our scoreline update next time!

Saturday 1 January 2011


Sorry for not updating after so long as its the holiday season and most of our crew were on vacation.

Anyway our crew just wanna wish everyone out there a very happy new year.
May the year 2011 bring joy and happiness to everyone and more fishes =D

Will update soon again. (I hope so) XD!


Wednesday 8 December 2010

My first post

This is my first post for our blog since someone got lazy doing it. I guess he was jealous cause he didn't caught anything.

Anyway after more than a week, we decided to fish again. It was actually a last minute plan.
So our 4.30am plan started late since someone overslept. Then we went to pick Mat up and guess what? He overslept as well. Nice 1.
Me and Chean decided to ditch him and we went fishing ourselves. =D
Mat did eventually joined us later on.

Earlier we went to look for live bait but everywhere was sold out. Wasn't our luck again i guess. We end up using our leftover fresh prawn as bait. After 20mins, not a single fish even took a nibble so we switched to using lures.

After many cast's with no luck I finally landed 1. The only catch of the day. =p
It was my first time catching a fish using a lure.

Name: Alastair
Catch: Tarpon
Weight: ~700g
Lure: Rapala Original Floating

Catch & Released

Sunday 28 November 2010

Dec. tides

Here's the tide table for reference next month.


Second trip

More updates..

We had our second fishing trip yesterday afternoon, starting from 3pm.
Our first location was burning ground.
We had a couple of close call, one with the prawnstar and another with our fresh prawn bait.
But after 2 hours of fishing, we didn't land anything.

The weather was great though. The sun was pretty enjoyable.
We decided to switch spot to L7 around 5.30 and tried our luck again.
Again, a few nibble on our bait and that was all.
We wrapped it up at 7 last night as there were very little activity around the water,
and we kinda ran out of bait.
I guess it wasn't our luck yesterday.

We took a few photos of our trip.. nothing much. =)

Eh.. serious jua tiga orang atu. XD

Our dinner:

It wasn't a fully enjoyable dinner, with all the mosquito having dinner on us as well.

But all in all, still a good trip.

That's it for our trip on 27th Nov.

Stay tuned!

Friday 26 November 2010

Trip with our newest member

After 3 long month of inactivity due to exams, we're back!

Alas, Mat (our crew's new fish) and myself started our fishing trip around 6pm with our fresh prawn as bait.

There wasn't much activity around the water tonight except for the buzzing of happy little mosquitoes that fed on us.
We started a little camp fire to try and repel the mosquitoes.
We gathered some boxes and branches to keep our little fire burning.. and it worked!
The mosquitoes pretty much disappeared. =D

Lets see.. Our fishing trip today was pretty much unplanned and most importantly..
without checking the weather and so yeah.. it rained for us.
Luckily the drizzle just came and went away for a moment, so we manage to kept on fishing.

Next, hunger strikes.
Luckily, we have a master chef with us, Mat brought along a portable stove cooker and a few packets on maggie mee.
but our master chef didn't bring any fork or spoon. HAHAHAHA.
Apa lagi.. pakai tangan lah. XDD
So Mat and Alas both cooked their maggie curry and ate em with extra seafood flavoring. HAHAHA.

We fishing for about 3 hours into the night, missed a few strikes and tried again.
But in the end, we only manage to catch one fish.

So yeah, our new fish beat us today. Malu eh.

Today's scoreline: Mat -1 Alas - 0 Chean - 0

and Introducing our latest member with his catch...

Name: Matius
Catch: Catfish (ala.. suspend)
Weight: ~1kg
Bait: Fresh prawn
Location: L7

Catch and released.

Stay tuned for our next trip.