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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Second trip

More updates..

We had our second fishing trip yesterday afternoon, starting from 3pm.
Our first location was burning ground.
We had a couple of close call, one with the prawnstar and another with our fresh prawn bait.
But after 2 hours of fishing, we didn't land anything.

The weather was great though. The sun was pretty enjoyable.
We decided to switch spot to L7 around 5.30 and tried our luck again.
Again, a few nibble on our bait and that was all.
We wrapped it up at 7 last night as there were very little activity around the water,
and we kinda ran out of bait.
I guess it wasn't our luck yesterday.

We took a few photos of our trip.. nothing much. =)

Eh.. serious jua tiga orang atu. XD

Our dinner:

It wasn't a fully enjoyable dinner, with all the mosquito having dinner on us as well.

But all in all, still a good trip.

That's it for our trip on 27th Nov.

Stay tuned!

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