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Friday, 26 November 2010

Trip with our newest member

After 3 long month of inactivity due to exams, we're back!

Alas, Mat (our crew's new fish) and myself started our fishing trip around 6pm with our fresh prawn as bait.

There wasn't much activity around the water tonight except for the buzzing of happy little mosquitoes that fed on us.
We started a little camp fire to try and repel the mosquitoes.
We gathered some boxes and branches to keep our little fire burning.. and it worked!
The mosquitoes pretty much disappeared. =D

Lets see.. Our fishing trip today was pretty much unplanned and most importantly..
without checking the weather and so yeah.. it rained for us.
Luckily the drizzle just came and went away for a moment, so we manage to kept on fishing.

Next, hunger strikes.
Luckily, we have a master chef with us, Mat brought along a portable stove cooker and a few packets on maggie mee.
but our master chef didn't bring any fork or spoon. HAHAHAHA.
Apa lagi.. pakai tangan lah. XDD
So Mat and Alas both cooked their maggie curry and ate em with extra seafood flavoring. HAHAHA.

We fishing for about 3 hours into the night, missed a few strikes and tried again.
But in the end, we only manage to catch one fish.

So yeah, our new fish beat us today. Malu eh.

Today's scoreline: Mat -1 Alas - 0 Chean - 0

and Introducing our latest member with his catch...

Name: Matius
Catch: Catfish (ala.. suspend)
Weight: ~1kg
Bait: Fresh prawn
Location: L7

Catch and released.

Stay tuned for our next trip.

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  1. He got lucky 2day ma. Hahaha! N dat was d best maggie curry ever. XD!