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Monday, 19 July 2010

Fishing trip @ Pelumpong

Finally an update!

Part of our crew went on a fishing trip at Bandar over the weekend holidays.
It was really an exhausting trip,
we started getting ready from 5am and finished up at 3pm.
That's almost 10 hours!
Weather condition was fine and super sunny.
and of course, Its surely been a great experience at the fish farm.

We didn't manage to catch much and there were barely any bites on our rod,
However, that doesn't matter. We had a good time and enjoyed our trip!
I'm still waiting for more photos to arrive.
But for now, I'll update what I can.

Our location:

Our base:

The wait:

Wondering what's in the pond?


  1. Damn sexy eh the white shirt side view. =p

  2. Thats probably because the photographer is expert. XD